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N&S Cleaning Service provide affordable, specialist cleaning services in Banbury, North Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Buckinghamshire Whether it’s Carpet cleaning, Sofa cleaning, Upholstery cleaning, Car seats deep cleaning or Emergency callout cleaning we offer unbeatable cleaning results in the home, at work and in the car.

Why Do Carpets Need to Be Cleaned Regularly?

It’s easy to think that the only reason you need your carpet clean is so it looks nice, right? That is certainly one reason to schedule regular carpet cleaning; however, it’s important to remember that carpet cleaning is also an investment in your health. Carpets, whether in your home or in your office, can quickly collect dirt, bacteria, dust mites and allergens. Though not always visible on the surface, these contaminants can actually pollute the air quality that you breathe every day. Carpets that often appear clean may, in fact, be much dirtier than you think!


Think of your carpet as a type of air filter in your home. When things like dust, dirt, bacteria and dust mites collect on your carpet, in time you will start to breathe in that buildup. Merely using household carpet cleaners to remove dirt and spills is not enough to ensure the air you’re breathing is as clean as possible.

What method do you use for cleaning?

The method we use for cleaning is hot water extraction, commonly referred to as steam cleaning. N&S Carpet Cleaning provide exclusive hot water extraction method removes the toughest, deepest dirt safely and gently. Hot, soft water and a specially formulated cleaning solution are injected deep within the carpet fibers. Then, a powerful suction extracts deep-down dirt, allergens, cleaning solution and 95% of the moisture. It’s the cleaning method most recommended by carpet manufacturers.

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